What is included in the turnkey price?

In our turnkey homes included in the price;

  • Downloading and assembling the steel required for residential installation
  • Roof covering and siding,
  • Roof and wall insulation,
  • Making interior cladding,
  • Installation of PVC windows and steel doors,
  • Electricity and water installation,
  • Making exterior paint and interior plaster-paint works,
  • Laying tiles and ceramics,
  • Making parquet flooring,
  • Procurement and installation of kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Procurement and installation of shower cabin and toilet bowl,
  • Installing interior doors
  • Installing electrical switches, sockets, sockets, lamps and fuses and making them ready for use,
  • Connecting the bathroom faucets and making them ready for use is included in the turnkey price.

What are not included in the turnkey price?

Applications to be made upon request not included in turnkey;

  • Making the foundation sub basement concrete,
  • Making screed (leveling screed) application,
  • Making roof gutters
  • Making balcony railings is not included in the turnkey price.

Will there be stretching in the ground and intermediate floor coverings in light steel buildings?

In light steel structures in ground and mezzanine partitions; We ensure that the building is more rigid by laying a static screed on the intermediate layer sheet plate, and we provide both the elasticity and sound insulation.

Is a license required for steel houses?

Steel buildings, like concrete buildings, are subject to a license due to their permanent residence and real estate status. Building permits can be obtained from the relevant municipality or Special Administration Institution. At the end of the construction, a settlement license (building residence permit), which is required like concrete buildings, should be obtained.

What are the jobs that customers undertake outside the license?

The construction site electricity and water subscription belongs to the customers. It is the customer's responsibility to fulfill the requests and requests of the Government Agency.

What is your average lead time?

Our company is delivered within an average of 50-60 days in single-storey houses and within 60 -70 days in double-storey buildings, depending on the characteristics of your buildings, starting from the construction of the foundation concrete.

How many stages do you deliver the steel houses?

We manufacture our residences as "Rough Delivery" and "Turnkey" according to the demands of our customers.

Do you edit the models according to your wishes?

The models in our portfolio are downsized and enlarged in line with the wishes of our customers and within technical possibilities. Model layout plans are prepared entirely in line with the demands of our customers. The designs of our customers, which are their own dreams, can also be prepared according to their requests.

Who determines the interior decoration materials used?

Among the products we use in housing construction;

  • Choosing the kitchen cabinet,
  • Choosing the bathroom cabinet,
  • Selection of ceramic to be used in bathroom, kitchen and balcony,
  • Parquet selection is made by our customers by choosing the color and model suitable for their tastes.

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