Konesta Yapı Çözümleri San. ve Tic. A.S.

was established by professionals who have done successful works in the building sector for many years, devoting their experience to quality works, and has made serious investments in producing innovative solutions in prefabricated, container, light steel and structural steel.

Kurulduğu ilk günden bugüne iş ortaklarının taleplerini en ince ayrıntısına kadar çözüme kavuşturmayı hedefleyen firmamız müşteri odaklı bakış açısı sayesinde %100 başarı yakalamayı temel ilkesi kabul etmiştir.

Konesta aims to increase its production capacity one level every day and aims to increase productivity by using technology at the maximum level. It has the ideal of being among the pioneers of the sector with turnkey or project-based works in line with the demands of its customers.
Our company, which has the desire to make production sustainable with its physical infrastructure and expert staff, makes an effort to work with professionals who are experts in their fields at every stage from project design to implementation. Konesta, which demonstrates a flawless process management in customer relations, continues on its way with the ideals of creating unique solutions.

Our Company Values

Integrating visual perfection with functional success
To reveal innovative designs with the power of our expert staff
To respond positively to customer demands from production to after-sales processes
To comply with production planning and deadlines with maximum precision
To take the necessary measures for a sustainable environment
To make what is said 'no way' by offering global solutions
Providing solutions to different geographies of the world for technical service and other needs
To realize fast but at the same time quality process management

Our Material Quality Certificates