Collaboration Processes

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    Offer Stage

    After the demands of our customers / business partners are analyzed well, a proposal work is carried out in maximum 48 hours and forwarded to the relevant person. After the proposal is sent, it is aimed to create an agreement basis as a result of the consultation negotiations with the customer / business partner. After the mutual evaluation of the proposal, an agreement ground is found and a contract suitable for its purpose is prepared.

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    Project Phase

    As a result of the proposal and agreement, before starting a new project, the professionals of our company start the process of preparing the projects suitable for the purpose in the light of technical examinations. Within the scope of projects that are in constant communication with the customer, options that will highlight satisfaction and make a name for themselves with their functionality are offered.

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    Production Phase

    Within the scope of the project, special production is carried out for customer needs and preliminary preparations are made for the implementation phase. Innovative and environmentally friendly production processes are followed thanks to technically flawless processes that require engineering knowledge. It is accepted as the basic principle that the products put forward in the production phase serve the purpose.

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    Logistics Processes

    Products prepared in accordance with customer demands are transported safely through logistics processes before the application phase. Since special equipment is required for the loading and unloading of the products, we undertake the whole process and eliminate possible negativities. Moreover, we resort to the fastest and most budget-friendly solutions in order not to waste time during the transportation phase.

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    Implementation Phase

    Our company proves that it offers customer-oriented solutions at every stage by sensitively assembling the products for which the production and logistics processes are completed. We reveal the most successful options in the assembly services we perform with our professionally experienced and competent personnel, regardless of place and time. Moreover, the environmental friendliness of our products that make a difference with their mounting features is the most important aspect.

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    Technical service

    With the strength of being a company that cares about its customers in after-sales processes, our brand is also one of the most serious stakeholders in the sector in terms of after-sales support. By standing behind the products produced, our company proves the importance given to customers with change and free service solutions when necessary.