What are the Advantages of Prefabricated Buildings?

Prefabricated building They are called structures designed by planning according to their intended use. Therefore, prefabricated houses can be used for any purpose. Thanks to the privileges of the modular systems of prefabricated houses, they are houses that can be modified if desired and even moved from one place to another. Therefore, prefabricated houses can be used for different purposes. Apart from that, what are the advantages of prefabricated houses? It can be said that the construction of prefabricated houses is practical and fast in a way. ready House we can say. Prefabricated houses In ideal prefabricated factories, turnkey delivery is made within the time desired by our customers by providing production for a short time. Due to the possibilities of the assembly of prefabricated buildings in a short time, the economic factors required by the workforce come to the lowest level.Low cost house We can say the equivalent of the word.

What are the advantages of prefabricated houses? Another answer to the question is that home systems are modular. Modular systems, on the other hand, are systems that can be modified, that is, they can be moved to another location if desired, or changes can be made in the number of floors or in the interior. On the other hand, another advantageous and important aspect of prefabricated houses is that, considering the geological conditions and risks in our country, there are aspects that have a high level of security against disasters such as earthquakes and allow them to be overcome with the least loss of life and damage in such cases. The aesthetics and usefulness of prefabricated houses can be answered to the questions asked about the advantages of prefabricated houses. Prefabricated houses come out with stylish designs.

Briefly summarize;

Why is that Prefabricated house Should we have it done?

  • The construction period is short and does not depend on the climate or season.
  • All costs are determined and fixed at the time of contract.
  • It saves energy thanks to its strong thermal insulation.
  • After it is installed, it can be disassembled and moved wherever you want.
  • It does not need concrete other than basement (Ground Concrete). It can be used safely in all climatic conditions.
  • Shipping costs are low due to fewer and controllable shipments.
  • Delivery of the building in a short time (10-45 days) provides advantage in terms of sales, use and rental income.
  • The foundation cost is less due to the lower total building weight in practical ready-made structures.
  • Although the need for maintenance is almost nonexistent, the ability to offer unlimited solutions to renovation and change needs, low cost and ease of all renovations and renovations keeps the building value high for a lifetime.
  • It is produced in a modular system. Since almost all productions can be applied in the amount specified in the project and with mechanical assembly, the material wastage and loss is almost non-existent.
  • Since the insulation properties of all projects are designed according to regional and climatic data, the first expenditure on the building can pay for itself in a short time.
  • Regarding the advantages of prefabricated houses, compared to reinforced concrete houses, they are advantageous structures because they do not experience much heating problems and contain high protective measures in this direction. Our company provides the production of prefabricated buildings in accordance with the climatic conditions of the region, which is ideally prefabricated, and provides services with advantages such as providing comfort to its customers. www.konesta.com

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